Evening Ride

It was hot all day, today.  But in the evening the heat let up, and I went out for a ride.

My Jones SpaceFrame
My Jones SpaceFrame

First I did my weekly bike maintenance.  I try to ride as much as I can, and the combination of trail grime and force-equals-mass-times-acceleration tends to wreak havoc on machines, even mechanical wonders like my Jones SpaceFrame.  So about once a week I wash off all the grime, clean and lube the drivetrain, and tighten down all the bolts.  This last step is critical.  Even with Loctite, bolts tend to back out under the repetitive stress of trail riding.

There’s a fun loop near my house.  I love being able to ride from and back to my front door.

Bike Path

Much of the area has been logged in the last twenty years or so.  There’s one or two old trees still to be found.

Old growth tree

On the way back into my neighborhood there’s a big hill with a view.

Hill with a view

I love evening rides.

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