Wordpress Flickr Photostream plugin is busted

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I discovered that I’m not the only one who can’t get the Flickr Photostream plugin to work.

Quick background: I followed the installation instructions for the plugin, and generated an API key. But try as I might, I kept getting the dreaded “API key is invalid” error.

Then I found this:


To implement this fix on my OpenShift Online hosted WordPress, I did the following:

[jason@localhost ~]$ rhc ssh blog
Connecting to 51b4c584500446eb79000070@blog-callaway.rhcloud.com ...


    You are accessing a service that is for use only by authorized users.  
    If you do not have authorization, discontinue use at once. 
    Any use of the services is subject to the applicable terms of the 
    agreement which can be found at: 


    Welcome to OpenShift shell

    This shell will assist you in managing OpenShift applications.

    Shell access is quite powerful and it is possible for you to
    accidentally damage your application.  Proceed with care!
    If worse comes to worst, destroy your application with "rhc app delete"
    and recreate it

    Type "help" for more info.

[blog-callaway.rhcloud.com 51b4c584500446eb79000070]> sed -i -e '29s/http/https/' ./app-root/data/plugins/flickr-photostream/phpFlickr/phpFlickr.php
[blog-callaway.rhcloud.com 51b4c584500446eb79000070]> sed -i -e '30s/http/https/' ./app-root/data/plugins/flickr-photostream/phpFlickr/phpFlickr.php
[blog-callaway.rhcloud.com 51b4c584500446eb79000070]> sed -i -e '31s/http/https/' ./app-root/data/plugins/flickr-photostream/phpFlickr/phpFlickr.php
[blog-callaway.rhcloud.com 51b4c584500446eb79000070]> sed -i -e '211s/http/https/' ./app-root/data/plugins/flickr-photostream/phpFlickr/phpFlickr.php
[blog-callaway.rhcloud.com 51b4c584500446eb79000070]> exit
Connection to blog-callaway.rhcloud.com closed.

Restart your app, and you should be good to go.

So why didn’t I pull down the code, change it locally, and do a commit and push? I’m hoping the plugin gets fixed and updated via WordPress updates. If it doesn’t, I’ll post instructions on how to make the change persist.

Update – 20 May 2014

A plugin update seems to have fixed this issue.

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