GitHub two factor authentication with IntelliJ

I’m a big fan of the IntelliJ products and derivatives, particularly Pycharm and Android Studio.

I also use two factor authentication (2fa) on every site that supports it. GitHub, no stranger to awesomeness, supports 2fa like a boss!

The easiest way to make your IntelliJ IDE jive with your 2fa-enabled GitHub account is to use personal API tokens. You have to be careful with these, because they’re a form of single-factor authentication, but since they’re long, random, and typically used for one purpose (i.e., you’re IDE), I think their overall impact to your account’s security is acceptable.

After you’ve created your personal API token (I used the default settings), open your settings dialog in your IntelliJ IDE. pycharm_github_settings

For “Auth Type” pick “Token.” Insert your token into the field, click “Test” to see if it worked, and you’re good to go!

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