Defense in Depth is cool, and you should attend on October 3rd

For five years now, Red Hat and Intel have hosted a small, but very cool security conference called “Defense in Depth (DiD)” in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Its popularity has been increasing, and this year is a sort of watershed event in the show’s history. DiD has, in the past, been very focused on the security of Red Hat’s products; this year we’re casting a wider net around the security of many open source communities.

We even have an infosec A-lister keynoting — none other than David Kennedy of DerbyCon. In case you haven’t been watching CNN, Fox News, or other high-profile media outlets’ reporting on infosec, Dave’s kind of a big deal. His security roots run deep, and I’m super pumped to hear his keynote, “The Changing Tactics of Hackers,” which will talk about how only the first T in TTP tends to change, which can be handy for developing a counter-strategy.

The whole agenda looks cool, but here are some of the talks for which I am particularly stoked:

There are still conference passes available, so if you get geeked on open source security, register here.

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