Learn how to automate Google Cloud with Ansible and Qwiklabs

Qwiklabs has some pretty cool Google Cloud Platform (GCP) training that I’ve been playing with this weekend.

I thought it might be fun to try and automate the lessons with Ansible’s GCE modules.

The playbooks, and steps to recreate their execution environment, are on my GitHub.

I wasn’t able to automate 100% of the workshops. The Ansible GCE module is still in beta, and I’m new at GCP in general, and may have missed some things. For example, I couldn’t find any way at all to programmatically interact with Google Cloud Launcher with the SDK or API. But like I said, maybe I just missed it.

If you’re like me, and you know AWS better than GCP, here’s a nice Rosetta stone¬†comparing services.

There are a number of open Ansible issues related to GCE, many of which look like great places to jump in and be an Ansible contributor.

Still, lots of fun!